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  For the first time in the State of Qatar


Produce high quality, environmentally friendly petrochemicals that do not affect public health other than petroleum products that are harmful to the environment and public health.

The petrochemicals produced from our factories are the main raw materials in the production of various consumables.

The need for petrochemical products has become urgent as a result of the state's lack of self-sufficiency.

  In addition, there was an increase in the demand for materials produced as a result of the entry of these materials in various fields such as industry, medicine, and agricultur


The domestic market accounted for 80% of total production
Foreign markets account for 20% of total production and include countries
(Sudan - Ethiopia - Tunisia - Algeria - Morocco - Uganda - Kenya - Tanzania - Ghana - Nigeria - Mali - Libba - Chad - Niger)

 Products of polymers such as: Vinylacetate, styrene, alkyd resins for paints, PVC plasticizers, copolymers of vinyl acetate, and solvents.

Comply with state of Qatar environmental guidelines. dentify project contents, extent and relevance of the environment and social informatio.

 Preliminary prediction of environmental and social impacts

Identify requirements of baseline investigations for the EIA study

Land allocated Located in MIC Light Industry Zone-Manateq
Aims to supply of demands of local construction and other sectors