President's Message

President message

By 2030, Qatar aims to be a developed country capable of sustaining its economic growth and providing high standard of living for its citizens. Qatar’s National Vision defines the long-term outcomes for the country and provides a framework within which national strategies and implementation plans can be developed. Qatar National Vision 2030 has been built on four Pillars; the fourth pillar is the Environmental Development.

Sustaining economic and social growth is impossible without a holistic environmental vision that places environmental preservation for Qatar’s future generations at the forefront. The Qatar National Vision 2030 aims to direct Qatar towards a balance between developmental needs and the protection of its natural environment, whether land, sea or air.

Based on the previous words which represent our challenge towards better life for Qatari People and residents , we are pleased to introduce our new products and services for the first time in Qatar; Future Soil Stabilizer.

The Future Soil Stabilizer acts as asphalt alternative in Roads Pavement & along with other additives can be used as a Plastering Substance, which means it can replaces both Asphaltic Materials and Portland cement which has a negative Environmental Impact because of Greenhouse Gases emitted from their Production lines as well as their applications.

Our mission

To achieve environmental leadership in Construction Industry, through the implementation of Sustainable Practices as outlined in Qatar National Vision 2030.