Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Soil Stabilizer?


Soil Stabilizer is a strong acrylic co-polymer (polymer emulsion) that is diluted with water for application and used for dustand erosion control, and soil stabilization. Soil Stabilizer’s longchain of polymer molecules penetrates the surface forming astrong hard bound surface.


Is Soil Stabilizer safe for the environment, equipment and personnel?


Soil Stabilizerhas been tested and approved by many of third party certified laboratories and found to be safe for personnel and the environment. In addition, it is non-corrosive to equipment.


What is Soil Stabilizer used for?


Unpaved roads and shoulders, helicopter landing zones, tanktrails, any type of stockpile (soil, aggregate, etc.),parking lots and unpaved open areas (concert venues, construction sites, etc.).



What type of equipment is required to apply Soil Stabilizer?


- Spray Guns

- Water Trucks

- Asphalt Spreaders.

All can be applied effectively depending upon the area & field of application


Do I need to grade the road first before using Soil Stabilizer?


It is not necessary to grade the road for basic topical applications for dust control. However, if the road is rough we do recommend grading it first.


Is potable water required for dilution of Soil Stabilizer?


The water for dilution of Soil Stabilizer does not need tobe potable. Most any fresh water source or sea water is compatible with Soil Stabilizer. A quick test can be performed in the field by mixing a small quantity of Soil Stabilizer with the water in a small container (jar or bottle). If after several minutes the mixture remains liquefied and smooth, the water is suitable for use.


What is the surface like once Soil Stabilizer has been applied?


Soil Stabilizer will create a bonded yet pliable surface stopping particles of dust such as PM10 and PM2.5 from entering the air. It is white in appearance when applied but dries clearkeeping the natural aesthetics of the surface.


How long will Soil Stabilizer last?


The simple answer is indefinitely with proactive maintenance.Many factors influence the longevity and maintenance interval of the products. They include soil type, climate,construction method, type of traffic and amount of traffic. Typically applications are designed to last 3-10Years.However, longer lasting designs and maintenance intervals can be established for extended working life where required.





Will Soil Stabilizer harm my water truck?


No. When finished spraying, flush the system with water until it runs clear.


Will Soil Stabilizer track?


They will not track when applied as directed . Excessive application or over saturation will track when freshly applied.


Will Soil Stabilizer get on or stick to vehicles?


When freshly applied, product could splash on vehicles driving over the surface or on nearby vehicles. Freshly splashed product can be flushed off with water. Dried product can be cleaned with hot water and detergent.


How do you recommend storing Soil Stabilizer and how long can it be stored?


It is recommended that Soil Stabilizer only be stored for 6 months. Keep in a cool, dry, ventilated storage area and in closed containers. Minimize contact with the air to prevent microorganism contamination. Optimum storage temperatures (12°C – 32°C).